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  • Create demand for your services in a way that feels authentic and comfortable to you
  • Work only with those who truly value you and your services and who are willing to pay you what you deserve
  • Engage in smooth and elegant sales conversations that convert easily without using any manipulative or pushy sales techniques

Let me show you how to rapidly gain access to premium clients and convert them elegantly and easily into high-paying customers, even if you hate selling or you struggle with self-promotion.

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4 Top Tips To Finding Ideal Clients At No To Low Cost Even If You Hate Selling


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About Your Coach


Teresa Hollingbery is the Founder and CEO of Teaser Marketing Pty Ltd, a company that partners with small business owners and entrepreneurs who have built a successful business and have found themselves stuck.

Working on their own, they have reached a plateau and are not able to grow to higher levels of revenue, stability, and lifestyle balance in their business.

They’re at the point where day-to-day responsibilities are sucking the life out of them, leaving no space for creative energy and time to focus on how to grow the business.

Teresa understands that the service-based entrepreneur and small business owner has very unique needs and challenges with respect to their marketing and sales strategy.

Her clients experience new freedom as she works alongside them to help manage, lead and transform their business into a stronger, more profitable and sustainable business.

She has been building businesses, promoting, marketing, and selling products and services for over 30 years, having worked in sales and marketing management within the corporate sector, as a freelance coach, consultant and advisor and as a small business owner.

She’s partnered with businesses big and small and generated multi-millions in revenue.

In separate door-to-door and telemarketing campaigns she wrote over $50,000 worth of new business in less than 3 hours saving a client from impending bankruptcy.

And she’s accredited with having achieved 700% increase in profits over a 2-year period and a highly profitable exit strategy.

Over a period of 5 years she added $30M to the bottom line for a corporate client.

With her tailored done-with-you and done-for-you mix of coaching and consulting packages, she helps you not only with go-to-market strategy but actually goes to the market herself to sell on your behalf (*conditions apply).

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